Hair Transplant

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DHI Unshaved Hair Transplant

DHI (Direct Hair Implantation). It is performed with Choi Pen, because of this, it is also called Choi Hair Implantation or Implater. Like FUE Hair Transplant technique, hair roots are carefully taken and placed to the Choi pens. The hairs in the Pens are directly trapped in the hairless area, so that the channels are opened, and the hairs are planted at the same time.

The most obvious difference between DHI (Direct Hair Implant) and Fue Method is, hair roots are planted in the skin with a special-edged pencil without channel opening. Also known as the DHI Pen Method. Since there is no need to open the canal to the donor area, also intense hair appearance is achieved by increasing the number of roots and enabling more hair implantation. At the same time, because the roots are placed directly into the area without opening the canals or incision, survival rate of grafts are higher and more likely to remain healthy. Implanting process is longer and harder than Fue Method. However, the healing process of hair skin that is not damaged during transplantation with DHI is shorter.

DHI Unshaved Hair Transplant

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